Meet Ramsey and his new Family!

What? Not a golden you say? Shhhhh…….don’t tell him, he has no idea! Ramsey (known to us as Rusty) is pure golden from the core. We received a call about a Golden-Lab that was in pretty bad shape but with lots of love, in time he bounced back to show us his true golden spirit. Those of us familiar with both breeds know that Rusty is blessed with the perfect blend of both! Rusty is an awesome pup. He is great with kids and dogs (cats, squirrels, and rabbits ~ not so much).

He is a calm boy that is always up for an adventure, whether it is a hike, a trip to the park, a walk around the neighborhood, or just a ride in the car. Rusty loves to chase tennis balls and has favorite toys in which he likes to practice his surgical skills, but he is not destructive in the home. He does well when he people are away at work, but that is because he has a couple foster siblings to keep him company. He does not want to be left home alone during the day. Rusty is smart, housetrained, very affectionate, and now ready to begin his new life with one very lucky family.

Ramsey found his new forever home!