Ranger Roy

Ranger Roy- Instant fun – Just add water!

This super sweet loving boy just loves life and everything about it. He is happy, happy, happy playing in the water and jumping from the  pool after any kind of ball, toy or his people. He is great around his foster dog brother and sisters and plays non-stop. His energy level is high and would make an awesome dock diver, running partner and explorer.

He does know when to relax and rest when the time is right. He is a bit of a “licky” monster, and gets super excited to be around any humans who will play and love him. He does have a lethal tail that goes 90 Miles an hour when happy (which is almost always).

Ranger is the epitome of the term Velcro dog. He does follow
family members from room to room where he picks a spot to rest. He has been known to snore on occasion. He has not had ANY accidents in the house, knows when to wait for his food, sits on command (mostly) and is learning the stay and down commands. He will need additional training, but very fast learner.

He still pulls on leash a bit. He does think any food is fair game and will counter surf and inhale anything left in his reach. He does not chew on anything that does not belong to him such as shoes or furniture.

He respects his foster siblings space. He has not been cat tested yet, but he does not react to barking neighborhood dogs and seems pretty ok with everything. He is child tested with children age 7-10 with no problem.

Ranger is an amazing, well adjusted, young boy who needs a family who will be active and take him places and keep him busy. He will make you the center of his universe and give you so much to smile about every day. All in all, he is one pretty handsome fantastic
boy, looking for a forever home.