Meet Rasta and his new Family!

Rasta is a big, fluffy love-bug! He is about 6 years old, but mostly acts like an over-sized puppy! Rasta loves to fetch and brings the ball back to you. When our volunteer got him out of the shelter, the state of his coat was the worst we have ever seen in terms of matting. He had actual dreadlocks that were 2 inches thick and some were 8 inches long! Hence, his name. Now he is all neatly groomed and we can see how handsome he really is.

Rasta does get into things every once in a while, so we don’t feel he would do well left alone a lot. Boredom can get him into trouble. He is strong and can pull on the leash when he sees something he wants to get to in a hurry.

Except for a few lapses early on, Rasta seems to be house-trained. He gets along well with other dogs in the home. On walks or at the park, his excitement gets the better of him and he will bark at other dogs, and try to charge right up to them (just to get to know each other). But, this can potentially be misinterpreted by the other dogs, so care should be exercised. Speaking of exercise, Rasta could use a sensible diet and mild exercise program of walking and playing to gradually lose a little bit of weight and maintain muscle tone.

Rasta would love a nice big yard to romp around in. Rasta is probably okay for kids over 7 years old. We do not know about cats.

Rasta found his new forever home!