Meet Rayme! This little red boy is a real firecracker and a super sweetie all at the same time!

Rayme had a rough start, spending much of his first year in a back yard and being punished for inappropriate behavior with an electronic collar.  Because of this, Rayme tends to be nervous about people or loud things approaching him when out walking. He was raised around children and loves people. Rayme happily co-exists with his canine siblings in his foster home, and is learning to play with them. Overall, Rayme is definitely a people guy!

If you are ready for a full time puppy parenting gig, this is your dog! Rayme is VERY high energy. Going for a 6 mile walk and swimming for an hour will do very little to slow him down! This puppy needs a forever family committed to lots of daily exercise.  In other words, a short walk won’t do. He will need a great deal of patience and training as he learns to be part of a family. And Rayme needs extra-curricular activities to help focus his energy: think dock diving, agility or nose work.

Rayme loves his walks and also some jogs, and does really well on a Gentle Leader. He is a superlative retriever and loves to play fetch. His favorite place to fetch: water! Rayme is a fantastic swimmer and really loves to get wet!

Rayme is still all puppy. He is pretty good with his potty training and good with crate training as well. His house manners are a work in progress. His most dastardly deed to date is managing to eat a bottle of shampoo, a kitchen sponge and a wine cork all within about 5 minutes. He will eventually settle at your feet, but Rayme is a body in motion and tends to stay that way.

Rayme is very sweet and making up for lost time when it comes to wanting attention. Rayme thinks he should be your constant companion. He wants to chase birds and small dogs, so no small pets in Rayme’s future home. Rayme’s forever family needs to be ready for action, committed to training, and willing to go the extra mile to help him reach his potential.