Rebel and Scout – Adopted!

Meet Rebel and Scout, the cutest brother/ sister bonded pair you will ever meet.

They were born on 2/6/2014, so they are just a little over a year old. They are very deeply bonded, never very far from each other and always within sight of each other. They are friendly, playful and very affectionate, both with each other and with people and kids.

Rebel is very protective of his sister, always watching out for her, while Scout is the braver of the two and also the more inquisitive. While they walk well on a leash, know some basic commands and are house trained, they would do well with further training as they are very intelligent and responsive and catch on very quickly. They are very curious about cats and might chase them when they see them but do not appear to be aggressive in any way.

They love to be pet and groomed and their favorite thing is chasing and retrieving tennis balls although Scout also has a fondness for squeaky toys. They also really enjoy playing with their human brother and sister and of course each other.

They enjoy and ride very well in a car and meet new people somewhat cautiously at first but warm up quickly once properly introduced. They love to follow their person around but can also be left in the home alone for longer periods with no separation anxiety, no destructive tendencies and no accidents as long as they have access to the outdoors. They are in short, beautiful , well mannered pups for their young age, and will make a great addition to any home.

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