Meet Remee

Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me!

Yep that’s right …. I will be celebrating my 13th birthday on February 6th. Although I have got that lovely white face that hints ‘senior girl’ I have been told I still have a smokin’ hot body and the moves of a pup half my age.

I am a quiet girl, happy and loving, and will make a great companion for someone who loves walks around the neighborhood and taking me places. You see, as an Aquarian, I love to travel so I am always up for a road trip! You don’t have to worry about ramps or lifting me in, I hop right into the truck every chance I get! I have discovered the doggie door and go in and out whenever I please…so much fun! I don’t have to wait for my people to let me out to explore the yard (one of my favorite past-times) and bask in the sun, and I can go find my private place to do my business. I have been the perfect house guest.

I love walks and have excellent manners. I am fine with other dogs but have no interest in wrestling or playing with them although I do like my toys and will share. One of my favorite backyard games is ‘Psych!’ So much fun…It is where my people throw my balls or toys and I run after them and pretend I will bring it back, then convince you I still want to play so YOU retrieve it for me! Brilliant, if I must say so myself.

I am just looking for a loving forever family who will look past the number and share in the wonderment of my golden years. I have got lots of miles left to travel and am looking for someone to share in my adventures.

If you are looking for a sassy senior girl, please contact To know me is to love me!

Remee’s ID number is 2912