Meet Rexxar!

Meet handsome 8-month-old Rexxar, who is part Golden Retriever and part Poodle. He came into the rescue from a young lady whose housing situation dramatically changed and was unable to keep him. Thankfully, she came to the right place and we promised her we will take great care of him!

Rexxar is sweet, loving, affectionate and gentle-natured. He is afraid of loud noises like fireworks, leaf blowers or any sudden and loud noise. He will seek to hide under a table, in a bathroom or anywhere he feels safe.

Because he is so young, unsurprisingly, Rexxar is extremely active and high-energy! He rarely stops! Even after a two-mile walk, he still has tons of energy. He will calm down much quicker if he is separated from the other dogs within the home. He will nap and sleep for about 6 hours max then he is up and ready to go again! He is very playful and constantly wants to play with his foster brothers. If the other dogs get tired of playing, he will simply play with his toys.

He has shown no aggression at all within his foster home and tends to be more passive. He is very loyal, loves everyone and is very social with people. He isn’t entirely a Velcro boy but does enjoy being near his humans and giving big wet kisses! We are unsure how he is with cats but ignores his foster sister who is a small terrier and does not bother her. He definitely does well with other dogs and, as mentioned, loves to play! He loves to chase and wrestle but he does not take warnings or signs that the other dogs are done or doesn’t want to play. He tries to be alpha but will submit to the other male dogs in the home.

Rexxar loves stuffed animals, balls and tennis balls – if they squeak! He even loves to play with empty water bottles and basically, toys of all kinds! Even with all his energy, he allows you to take toys from him easily. His fosters have a pool but he seems to be weary of it. If there is a muddy puddle, however, he will roll around in it happily!

He also loves his walks. He doesn’t pull and walks well but gets distracted easily and will try to play with the other dogs.

Rexxar eats well but will get distracted and the other dogs will eat his food if not watched. He doesn’t beg or counter surf but he does counter sniff. He is gentle when he takes food from your hands.

He is housetrained and does well in cars. He does need a seat belt, however, or he will try to jump in front with you.

He knows some commands and barks when he wants to play and is being ignored by the other dogs, but mostly he will whine when he wants to be let out or play. A basic obedience training class would benefit this smart boy and is highly recommended.

He enjoys being outside and does fine left alone for some of the day but enjoys the company of his foster brothers immensely!

For Rexxar’s forever home, we feel he would do well in a very active home. We feel children would be ok as he loves to play and has been gentle with them. A quiet household would be fine in the sense that he is fearful of loud noises but he is very active and needs lots of activity at home. He doesn’t need someone home with him all day but would enjoy the company of another younger dog that would love to play as much as he does.

If you feel you are the perfect home for Rexxar based off of this bio, have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to Rexxar’s representative at and let me know how Rexxar would fit into your world.

At 8 months old, the minimum adoption fee for Rexxar is $ 600


Rexxar’s ID # 4240