Ridley and Posie

Ridley and Posie

Hi there everypawdy,

We are Ridley and Posie…we are brother and sister and have been together since we were puppies.  We are 8 years old, but act a lot younger!  Our parents gave us up because they were moving to the East Coast and into an apartment and thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave us in an apartment all day.

We have made lots of friends while in foster care.  Our foster Dad has a cute 2 year old Golden Retriever that we like to play with and get into a little mischief with.  We don’t get into too much trouble though unless you decide to leave us some paper or plastic lying around…boy do we enjoy playing with that.  Mostly we just wrestle with our foster brother and give and get LOTS of love from the neighbor kids, other dogs, and the nice folks who have been helping watch us when our foster Dad is away.

We are fine by ourselves for a few hours and we are very skilled at using a doggy door.  We are housebroken and we love to play outside and we don’t even dig or anything.  Just give us some stuffed toys and some chew toys and we are happy campers.

Oh, and we love to be pet and rubbed… just saying our names makes our tails wag and we live to make you happy.  Look at our smiles and you know we love to please!

Only thing is though, we do think that cats are fun to chase, so probably best not to have those around us, just in case we decide that they’re a squeaky toy…boy do we love those!