Meet Rocco and his new Family!

Here’s our lovely Mr. Rocco, a friendly, loving, playful sweet guy. He does well with children from age 2 on up and with other dogs of all sizes. He is house trained, loves balls and other toys including Nylabones and dried rawhide bones (which he finds very soothing) and he’s respectful of things that belong to people.

When he is anxious or excited or glad to see you, Rocco cries or whines in a tone that sounds almost human or he pants heavily so that you know he needs extra loving, attention and reassurance.

Sit, come and fetch are part of his vocabulary; stay may be, too, once he feels more at home. As far as the leash is concerned, he seems to need some more work or it may be that once he feels settled in his new home, his pulling will be less of an issue.
Rocco learned to use the dog door at his foster home with little more than a couple of demonstrations and some minor encouragement. He is becoming increasingly playful with his two foster brothers and he has even instigated a few long funny play fights with his much bigger foster brother who is a 100# GR/Great Pyrenees (we think) mix. They love acting like a couple of roughians. It is a riot and great fun to watch them going at it and they calm down quickly when asked to cut it out.

Rocco likes being part of a family with children and he would probably do best with another dog in the mix, as well. A big yard would also be a plus and he would probably be happiest in a home where someone was at home a large part of the time.

Rocco found his new forever home!