Rocky Mountain

On June 14th we said goodbye to our permanent foster Rocky Mountain. He crossed the rainbow bridge with his loving fosters, Mike and Helena by his side. Rocky came to SCGRR in June 2018 with a history of cancer and lately it was getting to be too much for him. He was showing signs of distress.

From the start, Mike and Helena made home-cooked meals for Rocky, and started an exercise program which helped him lose weight and feel much better. We cannot thank them enough for loving Rocky, and giving him the best home in his final year.



Rocky’s Journey:

11 year old Rocky Mountain came into rescue in June 2018, as an owner surrender. He arrived with a history of spindle cell sarcoma (which is a type of cancer) and a myriad of smaller bumps.  The original cancerous lump had been removed in 2017 prior to rescue.

When he was surrendered to SCGRR, he had a large, hard mass about the size of a softball near his rib cage which was very concerning.  Our vet recommended that the mass should not be removed due to its location and the type, which have tendrils that can spread out in all directions. Clear margins would be impossible to obtain. At that time, we welcomed Rocky Mountain into our permanent foster program.

Rocky is a very energetic dog. He loves his walks and is always up for a run now that he is on medication to help his arthritis. Not only does he love being with his permanent foster family, he also loves food!  This is probably why Rocky came into rescue rather overweight. Thankfully his foster family has kept him on a weight loss program that is showing some results!  

A few words from Rocky’s foster family:  

“Our family is so grateful to have Rocky. He is like a blessing to us. He has kept us company and has warmed up well to our family and friends. Despite his various health issues he is always happy and excited for a new day.”