Romeo – Adopted!

Romeo was found on Valentines hence his name!

Romeo has dermodectic mange; this skin disease is curable, but takes a lot of time and frequent vet visits for medication readjustment due to growth and weight gain in the dog.  It is not contagious to either humans or other dogs so Romeo can be around both very safely.   As such, we are looking for a committed family to his health.   If that’s you, then keep reading!

If you’re a follower of our Facebook page then you’ll have seen poor Romeo when we first picked him up.   He had lost the greater majority of his hair, his skin was raw and would bleed if you touched him.  He was very underweight and sadly had not been treated kindly.  To any of you that donated to his care – thank you from the bottom of our hearts and his.

After 6 weeks in foster care, Romeo is a different boy!  His vet has done an amazing job monitoring his care, getting him on the right medicines, dosage and follow up care.  It is going to be many months until he can be off his medicines and every other day bathing.  Like we said, a commitment to Romeo to care for him and get him well will bring love from this sweet boy in return for his lifetime. He will need every other week vet visits just to be weighed in case his medicines need adjusting, so this needs to be understood before applying for him.

Romeo loves to play with his foster brother and sister and is fine with all dogs he meets.  He lives with cats, but the ones that run from him he finds very intriguing; he doesn’t want to hurt them though!  Romeo’s favourite toy is the ball and he likes fetch, though he won’t drop or share the ball once he has it unless you go take it from him which he’s fine with you doing.   He eats very slowly, and while he’s been putting on a steady pound per week, he has a ways to go to get all his weight back.  It is a good idea to feed him little and often through the day.   He should be on kibble, not soft food as this is really helping his teeth remain healthy! He is not likely to grow bigger in size, but another 5lb+ in weight would be good for him to be healthy.

Romeo is housebroken. He knows sit and come.  He could use more training, though he is a very easy little boy. He sleeps through the night on a dog bed by the side of his family, though he’d probably like to sleep on the bed with you if you’d let him.  He’s not used to pets and loves, but he really enjoys them now.   He’s not keen on the leash, but with work he will come around.