Meet Ross

This handsome long-legged fellow is Ross.

If you are looking for a cuddly love bug, this guy might be the one. Ross is a VERY sweet, sensitive boy. When he came into rescue, Ross was a very anxious dog. He would wake his foster parents at 3 every morning to be loved and reassured. He would bark for no reason. He carried a tennis ball around like a security blanket and would become obsessive if it rolled under the sofa. Since then, he has settled down considerably. He seems to realize that he is in a safe, calm place. The barking is nearly 100% improved. We are working with the tennis ball, and he has come to enjoy playing with other toys. He has come to enjoy the company of the other goldens in his foster home and we believe their presence contributes to his sense of calm and happiness.

He is STILL working on sharing toys, however. Ross is looking for a home with a big well-adjusted dog, and new parents who are willing to continue helping him learn to share toys with another dog. Ross walks pretty well on his leash and is eager to please. He is very loving and enjoys cuddling and giving kisses.

If you would be interested in providing a safe, calm, loving, patient home for Ross, complete with another dog willing to share his or her toys, please email Kiersten at

Ross’ ID number is 1380