Kiddo *Forever Missed

We adopted Kiddo from SCGRR in September, 2016 at age 9.  He became our “Big Boy” at 103 pounds and big.  Kiddo was the gentleman by taking treats gently and never showed aggression towards another person or animal.  He even waited for me to exit the house before going into the backyard and he had the deepest bark.  Kiddo loved his rope toy and tug of war with my husband.  During this time, he would growl and tease.  We showered him with love and walks as well as trips to our desert home.  He became part of our family instantly and his brother Rex, SCGRR alumnus, loved him.  Kiddo loved to dig in the yard and would come into the house with a mouthful of dirt.  Also, the cat boxes were other favorite “snack”.

We started attending some events with SCGRR and everyone thought he was so big and handsome.  Kiddo loved people and he would come over and roll on his back for pets.

In November 2016, our vet discovered a mast cell on his interior left rear leg and we had it removed.  Our vet did get clean margins and all was great for our happy boy until December, 2017.  We discovered another mast cell on his right flank area.  Off to surgery he went and again had it removed.   Clean margins and low grade tumor.  Great news!

In February 2018, my husband discovered another large lump on Kiddo’s right rear hock.  We headed to the Haute Bulldog event in Long Beach where Kiddo won best large dog.  Our vet visit revealed this lump was mast cell and due to size and location (no skin to close), surgery was not an option.  Our vet tried three cortisone injections over a six week period and no response.  We next tried a chemo injection and chemo pills.  This tumor did not respond to anything.  Amputation was our next option until the spleen aspiration revealed the mast cells were now internal.

We spent the next two weeks at our vet clinic for daily bandage changes.  Rex tagged along with Kiddo every day to show support and love.  Throughout all of this, Kiddo never lost his will to live or loving life attitude.  Yes, we spoiled him with boiled chicken, popcorn, hot dogs and cream cheese!  On Thursday, May 10, Kiddo woke up happy with tail wagging and great appetite.  When it was time to leave for the vet clinic, he wouldn’t get up.  My neighbor helped me carry him to the car and I took him to Family Pet Clinic to be examined.  At the clinic, the vet determined Kiddo must have become septic and the decision to euthanize him was made.

Run free, happy and pain free our sweet “Big Boy” 

You touched our hearts and lives with loyalty and love. 

Kiddo will be missed by all of us.

Paul, Tycanne and Rex Arceri