Rowdy *Always in our hearts

 Rowdy was a 14 year old boy who was found on the streets wandering about.  After a few weeks in the shelter, SCGRRescue came to the rescue – whisking him quickly into foster care.

His lab work was good and there was weakness in his back legs from arthritis so we set to work making him comfortable.    His aloofness at first made him seem a bit senile but quickly he began following his fosters around and nudging them to pet him.  Imagine the disorientation of change at such an age.  But his Golden personality showed through.

Just shy of a week in rescue and while in conversations with several potential adopters of this sweet gent,  his loving foster family found him collapsed one the morning. The vet thought maybe it was a tumor, bloat or his heart.  They didn’t feel they could do much to help him as he was having a hard time breathing and starting to have seizures because his brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  

We are heartbroken to lose Rowdy but our heart aches also for the foster who poured so much love into him.  RIP sweet Rowdy.