Rox and Xena – Adopted!

Meet the beautiful sisters, Rox, the Golden who is 2 ½ years old, and Xena, the German Shepherd who is 1 ½ years old! These two girls came from a very loving family whose situation resulted in the family no longer being able to care for the dogs. Thankfully, they turned them into SCGRR and have been enjoying foster life.

There is something to be said about the phrase “opposites attract” because Rox and Xena have very different personalities and somehow, they are the best of friends. Rox is your typical Golden who loves everything and everyone and wants to sit next to you, on you and just be by you at all times. Xena, on the other hand, tends to be a bit more reserved at first, but after a little bit of time, she enjoys sitting next to her human on the couch while watching TV. These two get along well and play constantly. They can play a bit rough, but after a good romp, Xena is lovingly licking her sister’s face. Rox has not demonstrated any nervous or skittish behavior with her fosters and tends to go with the flow. Xena is a bit more nervous when she is meeting people for the first time and may bark at new people. Xena’s fosters found that ignoring her and not making eye contact for the first time, seems to diffuse her nervousness a bit. Loud noises also tend to put Xena on edge, but her fosters are trying to expose her to different sounds to get her used to them. So far it is proved to be helpful. Her previous owner crate-trained her and when Xena becomes nervous, she finds comfort in retreating to her crate where she feels safe.

Both girls play well together and are medium energy dogs. They also play well with other dogs, too. Her previous owner said that the dogs got along with cats but enjoyed chasing them if they ran. Neither dog is passive, nor aggressive. Rox is easy going but is very pushy for hugs and cuddles and will persist until she is sitting right next to you. With dogs, Rox is not an aggressor and if another dog wants to play with her and she is not interested, she stops and walks the other way. Xena has beautiful piercing amber eyes and when she wants your attention, she will stand by you and stare at you until you pet her. If she is not attended to, she retreats to her crate. In a few minutes, she will be back and may hop up on your lap with her front legs to see if you’ve changed your mind. Xena can be alpha with other dogs and it appears that she is the alpha with Rox, but because she is a bit skittish, this may change depending on the temperament of the dog she meets.

Rox and Xena absolutely love any toy, whether it’s tennis balls, stuffed animals, rope or anything else you have around the house. Rox likes to run around the house with a tennis ball in her mouth and grunts. She also grunts when she gets super excited. They have been good about not chewing shoes or furniture. As most dogs do, they love walks but when they are walked together they tend to pull on the leash. They both love food and Rox has no problem finishing her breakfast or dinner. Xena, on the other hand, likes to take her time and should be fed separately from Rox. The fosters haven’t noticed any food aggression, but she tends to get a worried look on her face when people or dogs are too close to her food. The fosters have been trying to work with being around her while eating so she isn’t so nervous. This has been working nicely. Neither pup counter surfs or sniffs and they are very gentle when taking treats. Both girls are housetrained and they enjoy riding in cars. Rox sleeps on the bed with her fosters and loves to sleep right in the middle or at the foot of the bed. She does tend to snore a bit when she sleeps. Xena feels most comfortable sleeping in her crate and it will be best for her forever family to invest in one as it is apparent it is a safe retreat for her. The girls know how to sit for treats but it may be a good idea to take both to basic obedience class to help with walking on a leash, as well as other basic commands. They rarely bark and enjoy playing outside. Xena is an athletic pup who could easily jump a low fence so her backyard would need to be secured to prevent this.

Xena and Rox would do well with a family that is semi-active, who will play with the girls and train them in basic obedience. Older kids who would like to play fetch with both of them would work nicely. A noisy house may make the girls nervous in the beginning as they do scare a bit. With more exposure to different noises and sounds, they will likely relax. It isn’t necessary to have someone home at all times with the girls, but since they are still fairly young, they would need a couple of walks and play times throughout the day. If you have completed an application with our rescue, have had your in-home interview and feel you meet the needs for both girls, please write to