Meet Sable and her new Family!

Hi my name is Sable. I was found with my sister wandering in a field by animal control. I am a sweet beautiful diamond in the rough. I am a little over one year. I am slowly learning about what it is like to be a house dog. I love my foster family. I love to play with my foster brother.

I am still very much a puppy. I am learning to potty train still and walk on a leash well. There is just so many neat things I want to see! I am scared of loud noises outside. So I will need to be taught everything isn’t going to hurt me. I like to sometimes jump up on people when I am excited, so small kids may not be the best. I am all retriever and love to bring you shoes and socks, and anything else I can carry. I need a human that has been around dogs a lot and has a lot of patience in training.

I promise that I will learn. I love giving kisses and snuggling with my foster on the sofa. I even watch tv sometimes, esp if there are dog noises involved. I am what they call a velcro dog. I will follow you everywhere just in case there is something you want me to see. I am ok left alone for a little while, but I really would like someone who will be home a lot and give me the love I have been missing for so long. I met a cat once and really didn’t mind him, and kids are ok too. I really want a brother or sister to play with too.

Sable found her new forever home!