Sacha – adopted!

Meet Sasha. Hailing from Turkey, Sasha was rescued from a forest shelter, where she was kept in a gated enclosure with 3 other dogs. Somewhere between 12 and 18 months old, she still behaves like quite the puppy. Not a very large girl, she only weighs in at about 50 lbs. At her foster home now for almost three weeks, she is adjusting well to life here.

Despite her youth, Sasha’s house manners are good. She is potty trained-she will let you know she needs to go by whining a little. She has not been destructive in the home, and her foster has never crated her. She is learning a couple of basic commands, and is easily corrected when doing something she shouldn’t be. Sasha is living with another young golden retriever, and she loves to play tug with her, her favorite game-she doesn’t really get the fetch or retrieve thing with tennis balls. She is equally friendly with any dog she encounters on any of her walks, always ready to play. Even though she has likely not had much practice on a leash, she walks pretty well on hers. She went to the beach for the first time since getting here, and she loved walking through the surf, although she was reluctant to actually get in the water. But boy did she enjoy digging holes in the sand!

Sasha is a lovely, even tempered girl, gentle and sweet, who has been friendly with everyone she has met, both human and canine. She has met a few kids on walks and at the park, and has done very well with them. Her energy level is medium high-she can play and rough and tumble with her foster sister, but she can also sense when play time is over and it is time to chill. She can be quite independent -she doesn’t need to be glued to you at all times, but she does love to be as close as possible when craving some love and attention, particularly when lying next to you in bed or on the couch.

Sasha would like to go to a home with another playful, friendly canine whose best buddy she would like to become. We don’t know how she would be with a cat, as she has not met any to our knowledge, but chances are she would be fine properly introduced, as she shows little to no interest in bunnies, birds, or squirrels. Due her gentle disposition, we also feel when would be fine with even young children. If you believe you could give Sasha the type of home she travelled all the way here from Turkey for, please contact her rep at

Due the increased costs necessary in getting these dogs here, both transport and medical, the adoption fee for Sasha is higher, at $1500.

Sacha’s ID# 4622