Sage – Adopted!

Meet sweet Sage. A very good looking redhead, Sage was relinquished by her family as they found they just did not have the time to care for her as she needed to be cared for. While heartbreaking for them, they did what was best for her, and we have promised to find her a new forever home that would have nothing but time for her.

Sage was a little anxious when she first got to her foster home, but warmed up to the new situation and surroundings quite quickly. She was known to be a little naughty in her former home- she would steal socks, eat toilet paper rolls when the bathroom door was left open, and as well as anything she could reach on the counter. In her younger days, she ate throw pillows, her beds (4), sections of the sofa, and chewed all the baseboards. Now, at the ripe old age of 15 months, those days are behind her, and she has displayed only good manners since with us. She is potty trained-she will paw the door to let you know. She is living with a couple of teenagers, and in her prior home, she lived with even younger kids. She is also living with a 9 y/o foster fur sister, who she wishes would pay with her a little more, but she does respect her space. She loves tennis balls, stuffed animals, and her blanket (no more beds, ha!). She also likes the hose, but we do not know if she is a water girl. She has lived with cats, and did enjoy giving chase when they would oblige-that never got old-and when she caught up to them, she would enjoy standing over them and putting their entire heads in her moth, softly mouthing. Even though it was soft, the cats were not so crazy about it, go figure.

Sage walks pretty well on a leash, and loves meeting up with other dogs. She spent a day at doggie daycare and loved it-she played well with all the dogs there. She is high energy-she enjoys her mile long walk daily, and still has a lot left in the tank to run and fetch the ball afterwards, and play and rough house with her teens. If she gets her daily dose of exercise, she loves to chill and snuggle with her people at the end of the day- the old adage a tired dog is a happy dog is so true.

Sage is playful and full of personality. She is also very smart, and while she knows some very basic commands, will learn quickly, as she is very motivated to please her people. She is incredibly sweet, and just wants to be with her people, as much as she can be, and as close as she can be. She is looking for an active family, that will include her in most everything that they do. We know she would love to hike, camp, and would probably make a great running partner. She is still too young to be left alone for 8+ hours, so a human around much of the time would be desirable. A fur sibling is a must-she loves to play and rough house with other dogs, and the presence of another canine would also shore up her confidence. Kids are good, although she could knock the littler ones down in her exuberance. Cats ok, but a savvier cat would be better, one that will put her in her place-you know your cats. If you have what it takes to make Sage happy, please contact her rep at

At 15 months of age, Sage’s adoption fee will be a minimum of $ 600