Hello Friends of SCGRR!

My name is Sallie and I’m so happy to meet you! If you’d like to call me Sunbear that’ll be just fine. My foster Mom and Dad think I look like a cute little sunbear and that I act like a snuggle bear. I am a very sweet girl and I really love my humans.  My favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and get love and hugs.

They say I’m part German Shepherd, but only in so much that I got the dark ears and tail.  The rest of me is pure Golden.

I am a patient girl and do not counter surf (that stuff is for puppies anyway) and I always sit and wait for my dinner to be ready. I know my commands like sit, lay down, and shake. Sometimes when you rub my belly (also another favorite) I like to “shake” with you just so I can hear you say how great I am!

Since I really love my home and my humans, I can act a little bit protective at times. If I hear noises outside or see unexpected sights, I might bark. The way I see it, I am doing my dog’s given duty but I am a smart girl and love to please and I just know I can be trained on this issue! Even my foster parents have said I have definitely toned down my barking since I’ve been with them. Way to go me! You may also be pleased to know that I am working on walking on a leash like a calm girl. I can pull sometimes so this is another area that I’d love to spend time with you working on!

I really love my foster kids and think they’re my puppies. My foster parents keep telling me that they are in fact THEIR humans but they’re super fuzzy and sweet like me so I don’t know that I believe them! Anyway, I’d really love an older child in my new home that I can bond with. Bonding means sleeping on their bed…right? Hahaha just kidding, I love the hugs and kisses too!

I would also be okay with another dog, once I get used to them of course. I love to play with my tennis ball but I can be rather lazy so a calm dog would be perfect for me! I will chase cats, I think they are a squeaky toy, so there should be none of those in my new home.