Meet Samurai – Adopted!

Meet Samurai. We’re not exactly sure what this guy is mixed with (Newfie? Flat- coat?) or if he’s a purebred, but we do know he is drop dead gorgeous and just as sweet as he is beautiful. He is a lot of dog to love, and that’s really all he wants to do, is love on you.

Sam was dropped off at the shelter by his owner, and we are still scratching our heads over that one. This dog is the sweetest, nicest, gentlest giant you would ever want to meet. He is really just like a great big bearskin rug when he is laying by you on the floor (which, BTW, is one of his favorite positions, horizontal). He is a very calm, easy-going guy, affectionate, loving and mellow with his foster brother, and other dogs he might meet. He loves car rides, and is very obedient. He is a serious face licker, both to his humans and to other dogs. He rarely barks, but his size and strength alone would present him as a formidable watch dog. He shows no separation anxiety at all, and walks well on a leash. And he loves his water bowl-he loves to drink and will surround the bowl with his entire body-really a sight to see. He would probably love to get in it, if he could.

Sam will do well in almost any household, either as your one and only, or with another good-sized buddy. Very small children might not be ideal, as he has no idea of how large and strong he is when he is trying to be playful. Sam is just a fantastic dog, who will make an awesome addition to almost any family.