Meet stunning Sansli, the lizard hunter! She came to us from Turkey and we believe that she may have been used for breeding, then released on the streets. Local vets think she is closer to 3-4 years old, rather than the original thoughts of 6; 55 lbs. and on the petite side. Her hair is just growing out from her having to be shaved due to massive matting of her fur. She is such a sweet and friendly dog and accepted her fosters with no reservation. The first night she slept in the living room by herself, but in about a week she was in the bedroom with the rest of the pack. She is gentle in nature with humans as well as other dogs, but she does love to play with fur friends a lot! She does not bark when playing but she can definitely wrestle with her older brothers who are approximately 90 lbs. Many times, she is the one pinning them down and nibbling on their necks and jowls. She enjoys being outside quite a bit and most days you can find her laying on the patio sunbathing or relaxing in the shade. Her hobbies are hunting lizards and playing with the tennis ball. Sansli always has a tennis ball either in her mouth or close to her. She does really well in the house alone, and when her fosters come back from running errands, Sansli will be waiting for them with a ball in her mouth making crying/grunting noises because she is so excited to see them.

She has developed a keen skill for catching the ball in mid-air! She is really good! If the ball is thrown, it is unlikely that you will tire her out. But don’t worry, if you get tired, she is ok with that. She will settle for laying down with the ball in her mouth while you rest. Once you are ready, she will walk over to you and wag her tail which causes her whole body to wiggle in excitement. She is not overly pushy for exercise or attention, but she will gladly accept what she can get. She tends to be a medium to low energy dog. Sometimes she prefers cuddling with her human on the couch, with her tennis ball in her mouth of course! Sansli’s other favorite pastime is sleeping, which she does really well especially after all of that playing with her big brothers! She loves her dog beds and blankets and sometimes when she feels extra cuddly, she will sleep with you on the bed.

Her fosters haven’t seen any type of aggression towards humans or other dogs. She is not overly social with meeting new humans for the first time but will slowly walk up to them and allow them to pet her. Once she feels comfortable with that person, she will relax and become more accepting of the new human.

She loves her walks and tends to pull a bit, but nothing a little training couldn’t fix. She doesn’t really know basic obedience commands but she can definitely learn! This girl loves her tennis balls so make sure you have plenty on hand! She loves to chew on toys, balls, ropes; you name it. Her fosters have not had a problem with her chewing on any shoes or furniture, thank goodness, but she did enjoy chewing up a pair of workout pants! She does well riding in a car and hops right in. Sansli doesn’t care too much for the water and showed no interest playing in the kiddie pool, but she was such a good girl when she was bathed and held a tennis ball in her mouth the entire time. It was adorable!

Sansli is a good eater and finishes her food in a timely manner. She is too short to counter surf or sniff and is very good about not begging. She is very gentle when receiving treats. Sansli is house trained, but make sure you give her the opportunity to go outside and develop a schedule with her. There were a couple of accidents in the beginning but it’s smooth sailing now.