Santos – Adopted!

Meet Santos!

This adorable bundle of energy and fur is just as sweet as sweet can be. Whether he’s looking at you with that classic “Golden Smile”, or chasing his tail before collapsing in a pile of exhaustion, Santos will always brighten your day and make you smile.

As a four month old puppy, Santos can certainly be a handful. He’s a good boy, but just like any puppy, needs to be supervised so he will need someone home most of the time. He is very curious and will follow his people and furry siblings around, endlessly “helping” them with whatever they’re doing. He loves to run and play in the yard but hasn’t shown much interest in fetch. That would require him to go too far away and he is a typical, affectionate Velcro Golden!

Santos gets along well with other dogs. He loves to run and play with his foster siblings and when he finally tires out, will snuggle in with his big foster brother for a nap. He absolutely loves being around other dogs and will do best in a home with another patient, playful dog to keep him company.

Santos is teething right now and is learning to chew on appropriate toys. He’s doing very well learning not to puppy nip fingers and toes but he still likes to scavenge sticks, twigs and rocks from the backyard so he needs lots of fun puppy toys and continued training and supervision.

Santos knows sit and down, is kennel trained and housebroken but remember, puppy accidents can happen! He will do best in a home with older children as he has a lot of learning to do and is a very high energy pup. He tends to jump up when he’s excited, but listens when he’s reminded to stay off.