Meet Sassy

Sassy was brought into rescue in 2012, due to very bad “back yard breeding” this little 8 month old baby needed heart surgery and was born with Cataracts to boot.
SCGRR was faced with either allowing this pup to die or committing to her lifetime of care. We made the decision to go forward.
The heart surgery she had on the June 16th, 2012 did exactly what we hoped for. The leak between the pulmonary artery and the aorta was closed. The vets predicted she would have anywhere between 2 yrs and 9 years (or possibly longer) to spend with us in this life. The bright side is that without the surgery she successfully completed, she wouldn’t have been around much more than 2 months.
The latest update from her wonderful foster mom:  She is amazing with all the health hardships she was born with.  Her current appointment with her Cardiologist showed a bit of a worsening mitro valve issue but she is not showing too many heart disease signs yet.  She plays, runs, swims and has more play dates than I do.  Her cataract challenges are interesting.  Her recent appointment showed the size the same but her fear of strange shapes has been something new.  The doctor said that since she was born with cataracts and then having her lens enlarge in size didn’t make a difference for Sassy.  Her brain never made the connection to look on the outside of the donut so she still is challenged by looking through the center.  I always say she looks like a model when she is trying to see, because her head cocks to one direction, very cute!  We are so thankful for her and she always brings a smile to everyone that meet her.   She is the best girl ever!!!