Meet Savvy and her new Family!

Hi there, My name is Savanna, or Savvy for short…. I am a bubbly full of life sweet girl.
I am 3 years old and full of energy. I was in a home that didn’t have a yard, and boy do I need one. I have so much bottled up energy and would love a place to run and play a lot. I would love to have someone take me for lots of walks or hikes.

I am very jumpy with little kids and would knock them over very easily so kids over 10 would be best. I really could use some dog classes to help me learn to mind my manners a little bit better.

I am very loving though. I am housebroken. I have not been around cats. I would love to be able to sleep up on the bed with you too. I will make a great companion.

Savvy found her new forever home!