I’m Scooby and just like my namesake I have a blue/green collar!

I was quite underweight when I came into rescue so right now I am being fed puppy food to build my weight up and walks are helping me gain muscle. I am housebroken but I don’t have much more in the way of manners. I will jump up all the time and I love to counter surf. I don’t know any commands, not even sit, so I’m going to need some training.

I pull very hard on a leash so a gentle leader may be a good idea for me until I learn to walk nicely. I will chew things if I’m not getting enough attention so be aware that shoes, slippers, socks and other things you might treasure may get taken by me if not put away.

My favourite things to do are tug of war, fetch and playing with my foster brother and sister. I am a super sweet boy who has a whole load of energy so I need an active family and one that doesn’t mind that I run and play and knock things over and then run and play some more.

I am great with other dogs and with kids though those older than 7 or so may be best since I’m not the calmest of all goldens. I am very, very affectionate so kisses often will be in order.