Meet Scotch!

Meet ultra-sweet, very handsome, 3-year-old Scotch! Scotch was an owner turn in from his family who no longer felt they could care for him properly. Scotch has epileptic seizures and his owner felt helpless and truly did not know what to do for him. Once in rescue, we had him thoroughly vetted; taking him to the top neurologist in the area, even having an MRI. We are happy to report that he is a healthy and happy boy and thankfully his meds have helped this boy immensely and his seizures are well under control and is essentially free from them.
Scotch loves being around his humans and loves everyone he meets. He is gentle-natured, super affectionate and adores head and belly scratches. He is not fearful or skittish, is active and loves bringing his toys to you. He calms down easily as head and body scratches do the trick! He is playful and great with kids of all ages. He has medium energy and may show some reactiveness only when he’s playing with another dog and a toy is involved, with a slight growl under his breath but he never snaps. Scotch lives with his furry foster sister and can be described as both alpha and submissive, depending on the situation. He adores his foster sister and they get along wonderfully and loves her company! He is extremely loyal, super social, adores his humans, is very velcro and would be happy just to lay in bed with them all day if he could, as he can be quite the couch potato! He always wants to be with his humans and will be your best buddy in every room you are in.
He loves stuffed animals, toys, tennis balls, etc. so much and even knows what the word “ball” means! He loves just about anything he can put in his mouth and will bring them to you but he wants you to fight him for the toy so he’ll duck his head but stay right between your legs and you just grab the toy from his mouth. He loves water play and doesn’t even mind showers! He also loves his walks, runs and his beloved bed, as he will drag it with him sometimes.
He eats three meals a day and is not a picky eater as he eats a special neuro food that was recommended for him. His foster momma will put his seizure medication in his food and takes it with no problem each time. He may beg but only for a few minutes and gives up easily. He doesn’t counter surf or counter sniff, but does not take food very gently from your hands as he’s very eager for treats and although he doesn’t mean it, sometimes your finger could get in the way of his chomping. His foster momma will usually throw the treat up in the air and he catches it.
He is house trained and enjoys car rides. He sleeps wherever he pleases in the house but most of the time he is happy on his dog bed. He knows some commands and is not a barker. He loves being outside with his human so they can play with him. If not, he would rather be inside with them and absolutely not left outside alone. Where ever they are, he wants to be! He is not destructive and doesn’t mind when being left alone, although he is with his foster sister so that might help.
For his forever home, we feel he would do well in an environment where he will be showered with love and get plenty of attention; a single person, a couple, a family, etc. A semi active home would be best for Scotch. If children are present, a home with older children would be best because of his energy level and treat issue. He would love plenty of walks and a big yard to play with his human. He would also like his human home with him for much of the day and a furry playmate would be great also.
Because of his history of epileptic seizures, he must have a home that will continue his care and seek follow ups with a vet and neurologist to ensure he is properly medicated to keep his seizures well under control.
If you feel you are the perfect home for Scotch based off of all that is mentioned above, have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your home interview, please write to his rep at to let her know how he would fit into your world.
Scotch’s adoption fee is $500.
Scotch’s ID # 4885