Meet Sebastian, a little blond golden mix of a boy, who was given up by his prior young guardians due to both time and financial constraints.

As you can see, he is cute as a button, has the joyful exuberance of the young puppy that he is, and he plays often and hard. Sebastian has a lot of spunk-he is currently living with a foster golden brother who is almost four times his weight, and his favorite thing to do is roll around and wrestle with him, invariably exiting the victor- although his big brother might be holding back some, never letting him know. He also lives with two cats, and always has time for a spirited boxing match with whichever one he can entice into it.

He is house trained, sleeps soundly in his crate through the night, and is learning to walk well on his leash. He does not dig, chew, or attempt to jump barriers or fences, but being a puppy, would definitely benefit from some training.

He can be a little shy when first meeting new people, especially men, but warms up quickly, invariably wanting to be your best friend. He does not have separation anxiety, but he can cry initially when left alone, since he bonds quickly with his humans.

He is very protective of his foster mom, and will bark at passersby when they are out walking, or when meeting a new person who may come in to the house. Sebastian does well with kids, having lived with a toddler prior to coming in to rescue, and while he would enjoy having a canine companion, he would do equally well as an only dog, provided he has an outlet for his puppy energy and playfulness.