Meet Seneca and his new Family!

Seneca is a big boy (big head, big feet, big personality) with a whole lot of love to give his new family. He is housebroken, walks well on leash, rides great in the car, LOVES to play ball (or retrieve anything for that matter) and recently has discovered the water. Spending time swimming and retrieving is his new passion along with visits to an off leash dog park where he has the opportunity to run, chase balls, and play with pals.

This boy loves hanging out with his people and is content to lay at your feet while you are working in your office as long as there are breaks for play time. Seneca is muscular, athletic, and agile (given his size) and is looking for an active family that can take him hiking and give him room to run. On the flip side, he is always ready to settle down and snuggle at the end of the day. His foster dad says he is the happiest dog he has ever met and aside from a few dismembered toys and a gopher chase, is not destructive. Due to his keen interest in gophers and small critters we do not believe he would co-exist peacefully in a home with cats.
While Seneca is great with other dogs off leash, he has recently become reactive (sometimes…not always) when meeting other dogs on leash. A new behavior, this is something he needs to work through and is making great progress but his new family must be mindful as he is very strong. Off leash he is fine. He has great indoor manners and has never displayed any resource guarding issues with toys or food. He gets along famously with his golden foster sisters. Seneca has worked with a trainer and is very smart; he just needs a pack leader. He would excel at any training as he is so ball-motivated.

While he is fantastic with humans of all sizes, once he gets into the ‘let’s play ball mode’ he is oblivious to his surroundings and will bowl over anyone in his way to get there first. For this reason, we feel he would be best suited in a home with bigger kids.

Seneca found his new forever home!