Meet September and her new Family!

This sweet girl is looking for a forever home because her family was not able to keep her in their new rental home. She was very loved and it was not easy for them to let her go. She is a little overweight but it is not caused by any medical condition, she just needs a good diet and exercise.

September is good with other dogs (see the picture of her kissing her foster sister?) but likes to be top dog and would be fine as an only dog. She is friendly and loving with all and she does not jump on people she meets. This girl is GREAT with kids of all ages – even little ones. She is gentle and patient. September is fine with all kinds of activity in the home and can be left alone as well. She loves to sleep in her crate with the door open and will go there on her own or when you tell her it’s time to go to bed.

September found her new forever home!