Meet Shakira and her new Family!

Given up at the age of nine by a family who left her outside, Kira has long forgotten her past. Just like her namesake, her hips don’t lie! She is the happiest girl, in spite of her previous life. This petite little red-head wags her tail when she walks, wags her tail when she eats, and will wake you up in the morning with her whole body wagging! What better way to start your day? Kira has the energy of a much younger dog and loves to take long walks and chase the ball every day.

We say chase because she hasn’t really gotten the ‘bringing it back’ half of retrieving down yet. A bit of a magpie, she tends to collect balls, toys, and bones in her bed. She would enjoy a long walk on the beach but Kira does not know how to swim. Kira is great with other dogs and people of all ages. Now that she has discovered companionship, she has become pretty Velcro. We would like to give her a home where she can spend her days in the company of her people. She is housebroken, loves to go on road trips, and is the perfect travel-sized golden!

Kira does okay on leash, has excellent recall off-leash, knows sit, and waits patiently for her food until given the ‘okay’. I don’t know what else to say other than she really is all that.

Shakira found her new forever home!