My foster mum told me that all she was going to write on my bio was, “I LIKE TENNIS BALLS!!!!” I smiled and woofed because that is true, very true, but that’s not all I like really!

Here’s some other things I like: I like my dinner, very much and it’s when I do my best vacuum cleaner impression. I like other dogs and cats. I like being allowed to sleep on the bed with my foster mum and dad, though I’ll sleep on the floor or my own bed if you prefer, but on the bed with you would really be my favourite.

I like car rides just fine now I’m used to them, though I might still try to get between the seats at first and get into your lap. I don’t know why, but when I do that both my foster mum and dad tell me to lay down, in unison. *shrug* I just do it because I know it’ll get me a ball to lay down with!

I like wagging my tail – all the time!

I like being with my humans and there must be one around for most of the time because I get upset when they’re not and think I’ve been left. TENNIS BALLS!!!!

Oh, my foster mum says I’m pretty good on a leash. I don’t like swimming very much, but I can’t say I’ve had much practice so I might grow to like it.

I will follow you from room to room, place to place, wherever you go. I’m housetrained, and I’ve never chewed anything at my foster parents house…well, except TENNIS BALLS!!!

I only know sit, and I do tend to grab treats a little roughly, but my foster mum has been showing me how to be more gentle with that and I’m learning! I was kept in a home with lots and lots of dogs before so I had to grab quickly or I’d miss out.