Meet Sidney! Adoption Pending!


Sidney is a 6-month old Chocolate Lab/ Weimaraner mix. She is the most beautiful shade of grey with eyes to match. Sidney was found on the streets in Covina next to her Mothers deceased body. The rescuers that found her believe the mother’s death was the result of animal cruelty. Sidney is a very timid and fearful girl. We would suspect that this sweet girl has only known bad humans before being rescued. Each day she is learning more and more how to trust humans again. Even though she shows signs of fear and anxiety with new people, she has never shown any signs of aggression or reactiveness. She would rather hide and tuck herself away some place safe. She will run away from fast movements and loud noises when she is feeling insecure.

Sidney finds comfort in a furry companion and this is a must-have for her fur-ever family. Immediately when meeting her foster brother, she followed him from room to room and would sleep as close to him as possible when she wasn’t actually sleeping on top of him. She is so attached to her foster sibling that we couldn’t imagine her life without one. She needs a canine sibling to lean on, show her the ropes and to learn how to be a dog from. Her sibling should be tolerant of her need to be constantly on or near them. She also prefers to eat near her sibling for comfort so a dog without food aggression / guarding will be helpful. She will also ride well in the car when with her sibling but if not, she can get so nervous she makes herself sick.

Sidney is starting to come out of her shell and is becoming more of a normal puppy. She so badly wants to trust everyone and everything. She is extremely sweet and has a cute goofy playful side to her. She loves tag a war with her foster brother and she loves to chase him around the yard. She loves to swat at balls with her paws and occasionally will catch one. Even with being shy, she still has puppy mischief in her and she has all the naughty traits that come with being a 6-month old. Yes, that means sock and shoe stealing and much more. Since Sidney is still very much all puppy, she needs to have someone home with her almost all of the time. We have learned that she does not crate well on her own. However, she does very well when crated with her fur sibling in an extra-large crate.

Sidney only had 2 accidents in her foster home, both within the first 2 days. She learned the doggie door the first day but hadn’t quite figured out that outside was the place to use the bathroom. Good news is, she goes to the doggie door every time now and will wait there if for some reason the door is closed. She is new to the leash – bobbing and weaving – and will need continued training on her walks. She has grown significantly during her short time in foster care and we expect her to be a big girl.

When Sidney first arrived to her foster parents, she was really scared. But in just her first week she allowed herself to be loved by her fosters. She loves to cuddle in the bed with her foster mom and her foster brother. She loves to give you kisses and finds comfort in belly rubs. She is truly a sweetheart and is on her way to becoming a confident pup. She has an excellent nose and is very food motivated as well. Sidney’s ideal family is a quieter home with another confident dog that likes to cuddle. You will need patience to help her through her fear, gain her trust and gently introduce her to new experiences. Having someone home much of the time and the ability to crate her with her sibling would also be helpful during her puppy years.

If you are looking for another fur baby and believe that your current dog wouldn’t mind having a pup to snuggle with, please contact Nedra at

Inquiries only entertained if your application and home visit are on file with SCGRR.

At 6 months of age, the minimum donation for Sidney is $600.

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