Update:  March 20, 2019

The pathology results did not bring good news. The mass is a soft tissue sarcoma, and while our vet went deep into muscle tissue, clean margins were no obtained. This last tumor was fast growing, over 25% in just four weeks and it is not the only one she has. We will not submit Siena to radiation or chemotherapy treatment, all think it would be just too much for her. Siena will become the latest addition to our group of permanent fosters, and stay with her current foster mom who has grown to love her. Keep positive thoughts for this happy, tail-wagging girl.

Update:  March 12, 2019: Siena had three lumps removed this morning. We did not get great news. Unfortunately, they were attached to muscle and nerves, so clear margins could not be obtained. While our vet says there is a possibility they are benign, the vast majority are not when they are connected to something.

We are hoping to get biopsy results by Friday. If it is cancer, not much can be done and she will stay in our care as the newest addition to our Save-a-Life, Permanent Foster Program.

Send positive thought to Siena!

Siena’s Journey:

Siena came into rescue when her owner got very sick and couldn’t take care of her anymore. She was really quite a mess. Plagued with chronic allergy issues left unchecked, her ears are badly infected, as is her skin and toenail beds. Blood work has revealed she is hypothyroid and her liver enzymes are twice what they should be. She needs extra time in foster and TLC so we can reverse the years of neglect and get her on the path to healing.

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