At only 42 lbs this 3+ year old Golden Sprite has a great spirit of adventure. Skippy is playful, loves both kids and dogs and is an all around great pup! He is housebroken and smart, and has wonderful house manners. Skippy is a confident little guy that likes to hang out with his people, explore the yard and play with his golden foster brother. He also loves his daily walks of about two miles each morning with his crew which consists of an eclectic blend of dogs and their people. The added bonus is that they drive to the park. This boy is always up for a road trip! Skippy loves to snuggle and sleep with his kids although on those warm nights he can be found sleeping on the cool tile floor. You see, whatever Skippy is mixed with, it comes with a luxurious, white, double coat.

Skippy does have the golden temperament but not the Retriever gene. He may look interested in a Frisbee or ball, but guaranteed if you throw it, you will be retrieving it. We have not had the opportunity to test his affinity to water but he has been tested with cats. Results: No kitties please, he loves to chase kitties.

During Skippy’s neuter procedure his veterinary staff investigated a bump on his left foreleg. X-rays have determined that is calcification due to an old injury, a break that was left to heal on its own. It does not cause him any discomfort or slow him down one bit. Upon noticing he experienced a bit of discomfort with his left hip upon abduction, x-rays were taken to see if there was more to this old injury. We discovered that it was not but Skippy does have bilateral hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis in his left rear tarsal. You would never know it the way he runs around the yard and plays with other dogs or jumps into the car and onto the sofa or bed. His smaller stature and slight build work to his benefit and eventually if he does present with any symptoms, they can be regulated with NSAIDS. At this point the vet recommends a daily supplement of Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM along with a healthy diet and exercise to keep him trim.