Meet Sly! Adoption Pending!

Meet handsome and young, 11-month-old Sly! Sly was a stray who found himself at a local shelter. Our overall impression of Sly (which was lovingly named on purpose by his foster family!) is that he was most likely on the streets for a while. He was dirty with scabs around his head and neck and fur matted behind his ears. He was extremely hungry when he came to us and we can feel all the vertebrae and hip bones along his back. Sly is a bit of a scavenger as he finds things on the floor and they disappear into a pile of plastic. Sadly, we don’t think he has lived in a home environment for a while. We were thrilled to rescue this very sweet boy and find the home he is very much deserving of.
Sly is very sweet, loving, affectionate and very gentle-natured. He is not nervous, fearful or skittish. He is very active, playful, and high energy, as most young pups are!
He has never shown any aggression, is not passive and he is very loyal and loves his humans. He is very social and is usually the typical Velcro golden, that most are. He is very loving and gently crawls up on your lap for love several times a day if you’re sitting or lying on the bed. Many of his traits are still very puppy-like in how he engages the other dogs to play by nipping at them and barking.
We are unsure how he is with cats but he does enjoy other dogs. Because of his youth and inexperience, he sometimes doesn’t pick up the signals when the other dogs want to stop playing. Warning growls or barks are lost on him! He tries to be the alpha when around other dogs.
Currently, he is not a huge fan of stuffed animals or balls. He does enjoy empty water bottles and tug toys with another dog or mostly finds plastic – pens, bottle caps, Legos to chew on! You can you take toys from him easily as he doesn’t object. He loves his walks and does pull but not strong.
He loves food and eats very well. He does beg and counter sniff but doesn’t counter surf and is gentle when taking food from your hands.
Sly is house trained, does well in cars and sleeps on a dog bed near his foster parents’ bed and sometimes sneaks up on the bed when he can!
He is a young pup who knows no commands and most definitely needs basic training for him to reach his full potential, which will be spectacular for him! Sly is super smart and will take well to training. He does bark but only when trying to get the other dogs engaged in play. He has not barked at his foster family or at the door, however.
He is a “runner”, which means he does bolt at any given opportunity if he can slip past you at the front door. This is another reason training is very important for Sly.
He enjoys being outside and does well when left alone, but he does have other dogs to currently keep him company.
For his forever home, we feel he should be in a very active home as he has tons of puppy energy to expel; one who is willing to get him basic training and will keep him safe until the “bugs” are worked out and he learns not to bolt. Although he is great with kids of all ages, the family needs to be cautious of this trait of his until he is fully trained. Someone should be home most of the day or have other dog friends to keep him busy. He needs to be kept active or he may display his puppy traits of chewing or getting into mischief when bored.
He would love another active dog to keep him company and play with, but if the right family were to come along that would keep him active throughout the day, another dog is not absolutely necessary as he will make a super loving companion to any human.
If you feel you are the perfect home for Sly, have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your home interview, please write to and let his rep know how he would fit in your world.

Sly’s adoption fee is $600.

Sly’s # 4448