Smokey – Adopted!

Hi! My name is Smokey but my foster family calls me Fozzie. I am a very sweet 2 year old flat coat retriever.

I hear my foster family talk about how sweet and loving I am all the time. All I want is love and attention and I couldn’t be happier. I am very gentle with people of all ages, especially kids. Any hands that want to pet my super soft fur are hands that I welcome and love. I am also very good with cats. They actually intimidate me slightly. It seems like they always try and block my path, especially when I’m trying to go downstairs. I just don’t know what they will do if I try to walk past them, so I just wait anxiously for them to move.

I am a little on the shyer side, but the more comfortable I get with my surroundings, the more confident I become around others. I don’t chew on anyone’s belongings. My foster family has gotten me a few toys, but they still haven’t found any that I really like. I do like my treats though.

They have already taught me to sit and lie down. I am also very good on a leash. I don’t tug and pull. I just like to walk right by your side. I do like to sniff occasionally though but with a gentle tug on my leash I’m on my way again.