Meet Snowy who was surrendered on the hottest day on record in Los Angeles to the shelter because her owner didn’t have enough time for her and they wanted a family who could spend more time with her and give her a better life.

Snowy is a 4-5 yr light yellow happy affectionate Labrador who weighs 87 solid pounds. She’s been the perfect houseguest at her foster’s home from the moment she arrived though she was petrified beyond belief at the shelter before her rescue. She is housetrained, no destructive habits, doesn’t bark a lot but may occasionally bark at a passing dog in front of the home or visitor to your front door, she gets along with all other dogs from what we’ve seen and respects their toys, food, and space.

We don’t know how she feels about cats but have a feeling she’d be good with them. She appears to be very well trained on the sit, stay, come and shake a paw and maybe even more commands. She’s excellent on the leash – even when being walked with two other dogs.

She’ll retrieve a ball and drop it at your feet. She gets most excited when you get her leash and she knows she’ll be going for a walk – so an adopter who can give her multiple daily walks is important. Snowy girl is an affectionate love of a retriever that is exceptionally calm and not at all hyper. She’s laid back – but, she definitely needs activity and exercise. She will lay at your feet at your home, be the perfect companion, and is a bit of a Velcro dog as she does want to be near her human.

She’ll be a happy girl laying by you snoring away but will always be up for a belly rub, hug, kiss on her head or scratch on her butt. We believe she’ll be good with kids of all ages as she’s just a mellow yellow Labrador girl.