Meet Soleil and his new Family!

This happy boy is Sol, pure sunshine and joy wrapped in fur. Soleil (a.k.a. Sully) arrived into rescue with his labbie sister Lunah. Soleil is about 1-1½ years old and still displays some puppy behaviors like chewing. He does not discriminate so it could be shoes, socks, clothing, children’s treasures of all kinds; even paper so his new family will need to be mindful of what is left laying about. We have not determined if he is a digger (another lovely puppy trait) as he tends to be stuck like glue to his foster peeps making up for lost time and affection. Sully has wonderful disposition and excellent house and leash manners.

He knows a variety of commands and just wants to please. Sully is very playful and loves kids, dogs of all sizes, and playing fetch ~ yes, he is one of those rare retrievers that will actually bring the ball back. Most of all he just loves to cuddle.
He is very calm and affectionate. Soleil is looking for a fresh start. He is used to having other dogs around so a home where daily companionship (human or canine) is provided is a must.

Soleil found his new forever home!