Meet Solo and his new Family!

Hi, I’m Solo. I’m a gentle giant. My family had to give my up because they couldn’t take me for a daily walk anymore. I was an outside dog, but I’m really getting the hang of this being inside with the people thing. As a matter of fact, my foster mom says I should have been named Shadow. I just want to follow someone around and keep them company. I used to chase cats in my old yard, but I’ve lived with one for a week, and wasn’t too interested in her at all. I’ve had doggy foster brothers and sisters, but I’d be fine as a only child. I like human children.

All the kids on the block used to come to pet with me. I like to play ball, and you’ll laugh when you see how I deliver it back (see attached picture of me on my back). I have good house manners. I know how the doggy door works. I sit, lay down and come, but stay is a stretch. It’s hard to stay when I just want to be near you. I’d really like a loving home with people who want to spend time with me.

Solo found his new forever home!