Yep, he’s back! This long-legged lover boy came back into rescue for some ‘personal space’ issues…he started humping. Originally fostered in a calmer environment, we never experienced any behaviors like this but once Sonny had a playmate and no parental supervision ~ well, can you spell PARTY?? He discovered his destructive side. A bit of digging, a bit of chewing ~ you get the picture. Sonny has been ‘at the Ranch’ and has the opportunity to romp and play and learn some manners so now he is ready for another shot at his forever home.

Sonny is a sweet, sensitive boy and still has a lot of puppy in him. I will state that again…Sonny is a very big puppy. At his size, this is a lot of wiggling and wagging so although great with kids, we think he should not be in a home with very small children.

Sonny loves everybody and is an awesome dog. He is house trained and walks well on leash but would benefit from additional basic training. He loves his walks of about 2-3 miles and LOVES to play with other dogs. Favorite games include Keep-Away and Tug-O-War.

Sonny is looking for an active family that will provide plenty of exercise as well as lots of love and attention. Although he shows no sign of discomfort, his gait had us curious. Seen by an orthopedic specialist, Sonny has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. How this will progress is uncertain but the veterinarian has not restricted any activity and believes a quality diet, exercise, and joint supplements are the best course of action at this time. He is about the perfect weight, so trim and active is key. Who knows, maybe at some point he will take up swimming. Rumors are he likes the water. To date, he has only been in the pool once ~ was pushed in by buddy Remmie. He sank, so not quite a swimmer yet.

As for his behaviors, his foster pop says that when left alone with marrow bones or toys (to shred) Sonny has not been destructive with human possessions. He does have a playmate of the same age and energy level and they love to play all day long. Sonny is also a ‘talker’ (not to be confused with a barker) and likes to talk to you when he wants attention or is trying to tell the other dogs he wants his turn to play!