Story From Our Volunteer Pat Who Became His Foster Mom

Sooner was dumped in a gated community. He sat in a driveway for 2 days before someone finally called animal control. He was sheltered for 5 days before I was able to pull him. He was filthy dirty, covered in feces and could hardly walk.

Diagnosed with an unknown cancer, renal failure, elbow dysplasia, arthritis and an infected leg wound. Dr Henein support me in euthanizing him. He could not stand to eat, he was completely toxic….sleeping 20/24 and I had to coax him to get up. I started massages 2 times a day, made him get up and move around and just hugged on him. He started walking out in the front yard. The rescue gave the ok for Adequan injections and he continued to improve. Today, he walks a block every morning and night, barks for dinner, prowls around the yard and has his own version of ball play! He meets me at the door with a ball when I come home. SCGRR provided the medications and renal diet that made the difference.

We don’t know how long Sooner will be here, but for him, each day is somehow special and full of love. I have learned so much from him and a piece of me will go with him when it’s his time.

Today he is a happy camper.