Sparkee is a big sweetheart who found himself homeless when his owner lost his job and his apartment. He came in to us at 106 lbs and now at his wonderful fosters’ home, with proper nutrition and exercise, he has already lost 7 lbs in 10 days! He needs to lose another 10 or so.

Sparkee is the perfect gentleman-he is housetrained, leash trained- he knows his sit, lie down, give paw, and stay. He is playful, friendly. and loving, and he loves to talk to you. He is friendly to dogs large and small, and everyone he meets.

He doesn’t bark, dig, or jump fences. He loves to ride in the car, and though he’s not yet been with a large group of dogs, we’re pretty certain he would do great. He loves his 10 year old foster brother, and they hang out together at home and when they take their daily 3 mile hike around the lake; his absolutely favorite thing to do.

He is the ultimate Velcro dog, loves to be petted, and prefers to always be near his humans.