Stanley * Always in our hearts

Stanley, as he is now known, came in and was a really lovely ole boy.  We don’t believe he’d had much human contact and we also believe he was used purely for breeding in someone’s back yard.  Additionally, while Stanley didn’t mind other dogs at all, he had a habit of humping every one he met over and over.

Stanley, went to brand new foster Ross and his son on their lovely ranch style home in Temecula.   Ross had a wonderful German Shepherd named Buddy who was so well behaved any one of us would have been jealous!  The humping was a bit too much for Buddy and eventually he told Stanley to knock it off in no uncertain terms!  We hoped that a neuter would also stop it, so off he went to Dr Telles to take care of that.

Dr Telles called to let SCGRR know she would not be proceeding with Stanley’s neuter, his blood work was off.  So, we took X-Rays and something came back showing a mass.  The X-Rays were sent to the radiologist specialist and Stanley was recommended for an ultra sound.   Poor Stanley has a mass on his liver, one of his testicles, in some glands and it was basically just not what you want to hear.

We knew at this point that Stanley would become a permanent foster of the rescue. We’ll pay for any care he needs and we’ll have one of our volunteers foster him and love him until his days are done.   Stanley is otherwise healthy, happy and really likes people now he knows they can be pretty kind and that petting thing is super neat.   Ross is happy to keep Stanley and love him which is wonderful.  Here’s to lots of love for Stanley while he remains with SCGRR.