Meet Stoli and his new Family!

This magnificent Golden Retriever is 9 year old Stoli. Stoli was loved and brushed and pranced around the show rings and when that got boring Stoli was sent to the backyard. Years later when it was too much trouble to feed him Stole found himself in the shelter, matted, filthy and a little embarrassed at his appearance.

Stoli’s beautiful feathers were so matted that they had to be shaved off. They will grow back. Stoli wants nothing more to be the healthy boy he was with the beautiful shinning coat.His intense puppy training makes him an angel in the house. Stoli thinks he is quite the teddy bear, loves a walk and is perfect on a leash. He loves children and just about anyone that wants to sit with their arm around him petting, Or a quick nap on hist side and a stretch is very refreshing too… or… taking a few cataps before lazily enjoying my days lounging around.

I, of course, know how to perfectly walk on a leash and l’m a big fan of anyone who will take me for short walks so I can sniff around and stretch my little paws out. But most of all I love children and just about anyone who wants to sit with me and rub my belly- that is until its time for my afternoon snoozes! Unfortunately my owner decided they didn’t love me like I loved them and I was left outside and neglected for some number of years. Finally they decided to leave me at the pound with all my beautiful fur was completely matted, hot, itchy and uncomfortable for me. I feel like I have a second chance now and after my shampoo and a hair cut I am feeling so much better and loved again!

Stoli found his new forever home!