Stormy – Adopted!

Stormy is a stunning AKC registered Golden girl.   She is on the smaller side, has a beautiful coat and came from champions.

Unfortunately, at only 13 months she has hip dysplacia in her rear legs – more predominant in one. She must take supplements every day to help ease the joints and keep them supple for as long as possible.   At the moment she moves around just wonderfully, but eventually it will be hard for her to stand.  There are options though!  Surgery can fix it with a new hip.   We are therefore looking for a family who have the means to supply the supplements and her surgery once she needs it.

She loves people, and therefore attention from them. Head and ear scratches are the best!  She is active and very curious, and she thinks everything in the house is her toy.  She likes to play fetch, but needs training on releasing the ball so it can be thrown again – funny how that works!

She does not like to be away from her people, and being left in the yard will give her anxiety – she will whine and pace. She just wants to be with you – a typical velcro golden.  She’s great with other dogs, we don’t know about cats, but we think she’d do just fine if introduced correctly.

Stormy is learning to walk on a leash nicely and her foster mum has taught her sit and down and is working on stay. House breaking is a work in progress, but as we write this she has not had an accident in almost a week. Hooray Stormy!

She is good with kids and has lived with teenagers, but we think younger kids would be fine with her as well. She doesn’t bark or dig and is crate trained for sleeping soundly at night time.