Summertime – Adopted!

Summertime came to us as an owner turn in.  She went blind 6 months ago and was being attacked by the other resident dog. 

Summertime is a true velcro golden who wants nothing more than to spend time with her people.   She likes to lay by you as you do the dishes, gets as many pets as possible, and be with you as much as she can. She loves kisses on her head and will occasionally give you a little lick to say, “Hey, I love you too!”  She has the longest eyelashes we’ve ever seen!  Such a cutie!

Summertime is blind, so she needs someone who is home most of the day as she will not be able to operate a doggy door. She will need someone to let her out during the day to go potty. At night time she will hold it until you get up.   Your home cannot have stairs as she can’t see to get up or down them.  If she is frightened or unsure of anything, she will sit down and not move further until she hears from you.   The furniture in her new home needs to be stationary and her things like her food and water need to remain in place as she will get used to where things are – so no interior designer types for her family!

It will take her a little while to get comfortable, and learn your routine – she likes routine! She loves kids and other animals, but we would advise feeding her separately – because she can’t see, she eats slowly and should feel alone and not threatened while she is eating – unless you are around!  Summertime has an appointment with the eye specialist on July 2nd, 2018 as routine, but her regular vet reports her bloodwork is perfect, and she appears to be a happy and healthy girl!