Meet Sunn and his new Family!

Sunn is a wonderful Golden mix with the most expressive eyes. If he is really 9 (like the shelter wrote), he is wearing it extremely well. He jumps into the car in one bound, and loves his brisk walks. He rarely pulls on the leash and often looks back to make sure you are still there. Sunn is totally potty-trained and has shown no destructive tendencies in the home. Sunn does whine when left alone, so he will need a home with human companionship most of the time.

It could take awhile before Sunn feels like he won’t be abandoned again. Sunn is totally accepting of other dogs of all sizes and does not seem to be competitive about food or toys.
We don’t know about cats. Sunn is wary of small children, so a no-kids home is best.
On occasion he has shown a slight tendency to be hand-shy at first, until he gets to know the person (which doesn’t take too long), then he becomes like a shadow.

Sunn has amazing eye contact and will give his new friend lots of kisses on the chin to show his love. We think his markings are Golden with Collie influence, because of the gorgeous white stripe on his forehead. There is more about Sunn that I can discuss with his potential matches.

Sunn just found his new forever family!