Meet Sutton and his new Family!

This sweet, delightful precious bundle of love is an outstanding example of a Golden.

Besides his striking good looks, he is gentle, gets along well with his foster brother, walks well on a leash and is potty trained. He has good house manners,
leaving his foster’s belongings alone. He will follow you around when you’re home and rest his head on your lap when you sit. And when you are away, he keeps
a ball or toy by his side to greet you with upon your return.

He has just the right amount of energy; happy to go on walks or car rides, but he is also happy to lie by your side. Although he is affectionate towards the foster’s cat, he does chase him, so he may not be well suited to a family with felines. He has not been child tested, but this boy is very gentle mannered.

Sutton found his new forever home!