Meet Talko!

Talko is an 11-month-old male who is an owner turn in. The organization believes he may have come from a puppy mill although the owner refused to give us any information about him. When he was turned into the group he was filthy, covered with flea bites and underweight. At some point in his young life, his front leg was broken and not treated. The orthopedic surgeon who saw him feels the leg has fused itself well enough to leave it as it is. In the three weeks, our family has been fostering him his leg has not slowed him down and is getting stronger with exercise. The vet treating him has declared him healthy and our family declares him happy.

It only took a few days for Talko to learn how to be a dog. He loves to play and wrestle with our two dogs. He has become very close to our dog Keoni,, often sleeping on him as you can see in the one picture. He loves his daily walks but will need some training since we believe he has never been walked before. He has not shown any type of aggression while encountering other dogs or people. In evaluating Talko we strongly believe he needs to go to a home with another dog who likes to play. Although he has not met any young children his personality leads us to believe he would be fine with them.

Talko, for the most part, is well behaved, but he is young and experiencing new things and can be mischievous. He is not overly destructive but loves to read books so we suggest moving them up higher out of reach. With any young dog be aware were you leave eyeglasses, pens etc. He is very food motivated but not food aggressive. His new brother or sister will need to be able to put him in his place since he can be relentless when it comes to playing. We have been able to leave him inside and outside when gone and not come home to any major destruction. For the most part, he is housebroken, peeing once on the carpet but not on the tile floor.

Talko is a very sweet, loving boy who would make a great addition to any new home. If you would like to apply for him please complete the online application and have an in-home interview done. Then contact us at

Talko’s fee is $600