Meet Taz and his new Family!

Sixteen month-old Taz was turne d in by a family who loved him, but did not have time for him. Poor Taz was left alone a lot inside, didn’t have a yard, and never got any exercise. The owner warned us that Taz chewed everything in sight and pulled wildly on a leash. His foster Eileen understood that he was stir crazy from being exercise-starved.

Starting the next day, with heavy duty exercise ‘therapy’, he began a transformation that was amazing to watch. He ran around with his foster brother, had doggie playdates, long walks, and time at the dog park and doggie daycare. With exercise, he finally could settle down between activities. His favorite place was curled up on the couch next to Eileen with his face and paw on her lap! That first week he changed so much that several people asked if it was the same dog they had seen days before. He was able to walk on the leash pretty well, and was focused and much calmer. He still picked up shoes and looked for things in the yard to chew but it wasn’t from anxiety like before.

He still needed more time with someone at home a lot to continue his progress – and definitely a couch and lap to share. There were many great homes interested in Taz but they were not perfect for Taz but it quickly became obvious to Eileen and family that Taz had already found his furever home. Eileen and family are now welcome members to the Failed Fosters Club. They are in great company.

Taz found his new forever home!